Denver Sports Doc is a functional chiropractic clinic owned and operated by Dr. Jon Denning. Our goal is to help people feel better, move better, and perform better by providing the highest level of evidence based musculoskeletal health care to both athletes and non-athletes alike.

Our focus is on getting you out of pain as fast as possible by using the most up-to-date techniques and scientifically proven methods. Whether your goals are injury prevention, acute rehabilitation, or just relief from chronic pain, Denver Sports Doc can help. No long term contracts here, as each treatment plan is individualized to your specific needs and aims at creating a lasting change in both pain and function.


“Dr. Jon Denning is a rare find in terms of chiropractors.  I have been to physical therapists, orthopedic doctors, and massage therapists. I was actually scheduled for ligament repair surgery with a leading orthopedic office. I cancelled the day before surgery and then met Dr. Denning. Dr. Denning is the ONLY one who was able to diagnose and remove my shoulder pain. No recovery, no drugs — just relief! My movement improved with each subsequent visit. I was cleared to return to the gym after only a few sessions. HIGHLY recommend!”

Skip P.

“My life has changed significantly in a very positive manner because of Dr. Jon. He truly cares for me as an individual who desires to live a long, active and healthy life. He was the first doctor who ever spoke the actual words, “I want to help you,” to me. His sincerity won me over as I truly believed he was there to help me develop a personalized, individualized holistic health plan, designed just for me.”

Mandy P.

“I am an Iraq veteran and I have been to different chiropractors for neck and back injuries for the past couple years and have been on different prescriptions for these injuries often times being in so much pain I could not move. After seeing Dr. Jon I no longer need meds and I am more active now than I was before seeing him. Dr. Jon gave me my life back.”

David P.

“Dr. Jon is the best of the best! I visited his office to fix a bum wrist after I injured it doing Olympic Weightlifting, and he was able to get me back to lifting heavy weights in no time. It was a tough injury to diagnose too! Also, Jon is a really nice guy who really cares about his clients. If you are a serious competitor, or are just looking to step up your recovery game in between workout sessions, Denver Sports Doc is the place for you!”

Ethan H.

“I have had multiple sport related injuries over the years and have always tried to find someone that would actually fix me vs rebooking appointments to make their money. I had tried multiple chiropractors and was not happy with the results I was getting. Dr Jon Denning not only treated and has resolved my issues he also gave me exercises to do while I’m at home, working and on the road to help build and strengthen those area. This wasn’t just a simple adjustment either”

Geremiah G.